Benefits for Corporates

8 Excellent Reasons for Suppliers to sell Trade Receivables and improve KPIs

More Security

Boost your liquidity

Transfer credit risks

Better Creditworthiness

Increased equity ratio

Reduce working capital requirements

Higher Sales

Gain new customers through longer payment terms

No longer use cash discounts to get customers pay early

Lower Cost

Full Automation

Take advantage of early payment discount income

16 Excellent reasons more to sell trade receivables via TrustBills


Registration is about 20 minutes
Receivables sold in 3 hours, 24 hours, 3 days or 7 days as you like


You decide how many and which trade receivables you sell. Fund only what you need, when you need, without long-term contracts
Auctions always ensure best price
Market prices are always based on self-selected minimum prices
You decide who can buy your invoices
Unlike traditional factoring you receive 100% of the purchase price – no security retainers, no first-loss arrangements, no credit insurance required


No need to notify customers with undisclosed assignments


No framework contract
No lock-in
No all asset debenture or whole turnover facility
No limitation on the length of payment periods
No pressure for revolving, domestic invoices – all international trade receivables can be traded, even individual ones


No hidden or ongoing fixed fees
Historic transactions downloadable at any time
Full overview of working capital performance

"With TrustBills we have the maximum of entrepreneurial freedom. No bank, factoring company or other FinTech solution offers that."

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