What's New

We work every day to develop more features for our customers. By combining the latest advancements in technology and security with the expertise and care of our team you can expect several innovations more to come over the next few months.

TrustBills has come home. After the restructuring, the founding company of TrustBills, FinTech Studio GmbH, is the sole owner of TrustBills again for the time being.
From now on, bank accounts can be connected to TrustBills regardless of which bank.
We have completely reprogrammed our registration process. Now the registration ideally takes less than 30 minutes and is as safe as ever with regard to money laundering, fraud and watchlist examinations.
To improve our existing origination partnerships and to acquire new ones, we have renewed our partnership agreements. Existing partners will be contacted shortly to replace the old agreements with improved ones. New origination and business partnerships will be announced soon.

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