Global Receivables Exchange

Unleashing liquidity – on your very own terms:
Turn unpaid invoices into working capital.

How it works

Don’t wait on net terms. Get an advance on your trade receivables. On TrustBills companies can sell their trade receivables in a True Sale to any other marketplace participant on their terms, undisclosed, to run and grow their businesses without additional debt.

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  • Receivables &
    Supply Chain Finance in one

    Immediate liquidity at best rates

    100% transferred
    credit risk

    Higher equity ratio & ratings

    Faster growth

  • Intuitive

    Fully Cloud-based

    KYC-Sign up in just 30 minutes

    Easy to use without prior experience

    Maximum control & flexibility

  • Outperforming
    asset class for investors

    Attractive yields

    Comparatively low risk

    Natural self-liquidation

    Real economy investing

Fast funding for your business. TrustBills unlocks capital that is bound in unpaid invoices so that businesses can put it to work.

  • € 500 Min. Face Value
  • € 1B+ Purchasing Power
  • < 1 min Approval Time

Two Market Segments, One Goal

Highest form of standardization or biggest reach. TrustBills offers both with 24 hours per day availability throughout the year. You decide how many and which invoices to submit. Fund only what you need, when you need, all without framework contracts.

  • TrustBills Exchange

    The most standards-based market for trade receivables from German, Swiss or Luxembourg suppliers with international debtors worldwide.

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  • TrustBills World Market

    The first truly global marketplace for trade receivables
    for professional players.

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Biggest selection of settings for full control for every seller of trade receivables.

  • Marketplace

    Choose the market segment that fits your needs.

  • Investor Selection

    Whitelisting keeps your sensitive data protected.

  • Sales type

    Sell your receivables for a fixed price (immediate purchase), via auction or combine the two.

  • Assignment type

    Undisclosed assignments or disclosed assignment

  • Sales price

    Starting prices can be chosen directly or calculated by calculation assistants, using available risk factor information.

  • Sales timing

    Sellers of trade receivables can set the start of the sale exactly down to 5 minutes.

  • Sales duration

    Choose a sales duration among 3 hours, 1, 3 or 7 days.

  • Upload way

    Upload individual invoices, settlement lists or collective invoices manually, in batches or via API connection.

Start selling or investing in trade receivables.

With a TrustBills registration, you do not enter into any obligations. After registration, you can sell trade receivables or invest in them, but you do not have to. By registering, TrustBills identifies you and your company as part of a ’Know-Your-Counterparty’ (KYC)-process and ensures that all anti-money laundering (AML) rules are complied with. In this way we create trust for our market participants. This commitment is part of our brand.

TrustBills works together with some renowned partners.

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