Global Receivables Exchange

TrustBills connects sellers of trade receivables with diversified sources of liquidity, including banks and asset managers, allowing continuous access to working capital at the lowest cost.

Corporates turn unpaid invoices into working capital — always at market price

Selling Trade Receivables via TrustBills is more advantageous than factoring, supply chain finance programs or dynamic discounting. Auction off your unpaid B2B invoices in an undisclosed or disclosed way and receive the purchase price immediately — without any security retentions, credit insurance and framework contracts. And always at market price.

Investors enjoy a new asset class that outperforms Fixed Income products

Trade receivables offer short durations and high Sharpe Ratios due to low volatilities and low correlation toward other asset classes. TrustBills' automatization replaces relatively expensive securitization, making trade receivables both economical and easy to acquire for institutional investors.

Registration possible in less than 30 minutes

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TrustBills is safe and secure

TrustBills operates marketplaces with highest platform security standards, two-factor authentification and fraud prevention using state of the art ML and AI methods.

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